Brompton Stabbing: 30 year old knifed by teenagers.

A man has been hospitalized after being attacked by six (6) unidentified teenagers on a bike on Brampton street.

Saad Kakooli, 30, was on his way home with his friend on at about 11 pm on Sunday, 7th of May when this horrific incident occurred.

According to Saad kakooli who is now hospitalized, he was waiting for the bus with his friend when three (3) bikes caught up with them and surrounded him just after his friend had absconded, two of them whom he described as teenagers, climbed down from their bikes with knives in their hands, and without asking for anything, attempted to stab him in the chest while he protect his body with his arm.

He had appealed to give them whatever they want but they were keen on stabbing him first, passers came to his recuse but not before he had been stabbed three (3) times, the gang fled the scene on sighting the couple heading towards them. The kind strangers administered first aid to Saad Kakooli before he was rushed to the hospital. Saad Kakooli’s injuries are not believed to be life-threatening, he suffered a severe nerve cut that required a surgery and 35 stitches.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-19 at 3.25.59 PM

Saad Kakooli is a postgraduate student at London Metropolitan University. He is originally from Kuwait, and had relocated to London In 2014 with his wife and two Kids.

Saad describes his frightening moment:

It is recorded by the Met Police that knife crime in London has climbed to 24% in the past year. The head of the Met’s anti-knife initiative, yesterday has accepted  yesterday has accepted that the force has failed in the past to engage with communities devastated especially with teenage knife violence, he called on Londoners to help detectives tackle plague.

Twitter: Stabbing again! 30 years old stabbed by teenagers in South #London #stabbing #knife
#teenagers #CrimeFest17



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