Success was never the key to happiness

We all need to reverse the formula ‘Success leads happiness’, No, Happiness first! “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful” (Albert Schweitzer).

Securing two jobs as an IT manager in a well-known computer institute and part time data processor in a research organization two months after I earned my bachelor’s degree in Information technology is prosperous where I come from. In the year 2016 I was forced to make a life-defining decision when I had to quit both jobs to start building my career in a new path, not because I was not doing reasonably well in that field but because despite I was pretty good at it and well paid, it wasn’t long I started complaining each time I was tasked with my job.

Money can't buy happiness but i'd much rather  cry in a mansion
Money can’t buy happiness but I’d much rather cry in a mansion

People say “Money can’t buy you happiness but it’s more comfortable to cry in their mansion or Ferrari” It’s true but in my opinion and experience I’d rather not cry at all because it was like life was spiraling away from me. Yes, I wasn’t making enough to buy a mansion or Ferrari but then for an entry-level, my pay cheque was fat. During my spare time I do graphics designs which were not paying the bills because It was habitually for fun, I had designed new logo and letterhead for the research organization which the boss liked and changed organization’s logo, weekends I work as a director and camera operator in a church studio, I was always excited about going to the studio despite it was not a paid job, it use to be weekends only and then gradually I found myself attending all programs in the church just to produce live videos including weekdays, although my production skills were substandard. Being successful and well paid at work did not stop me from looking at the mirror every morning wishing my day was going to be all about working with cameras and video mixers and not routers, databases and computer languages. Doubting if I’d be successful in the creative world I enrolled for a short professional course in graphics and web design and I unexpectedly got higher grades than I got in my IT degree, which was a sign to me that ‘being happy and loving what you do leads to success’.

The point is “it’s comfortable to cry in your mansion or Ferrari” but the fact that you are crying in the first place or occasionally wish you had gone for something else clearly demonstrations that success is not the key to happiness but happiness is the key to success.



Can’t #money buy #Happiness ? off course!! This simple formula is all you need to #daily #success and happiness



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