Five (5) reasons why metropolitan police do not need more firearms specialist

armed met police

The Union survey on firearms and Tasers in January 2017 revealed, “Nearly half of Met police officers want more firearms specialists and 75% believe they should all be issued with Tasers. Here are five (5) reasons why met police do not need more firearms specialist.

  1. Having more firearm specialists on the streets would not lessen the threat of terrorism or stop an attack: the knowledge of armed police did not stop the Anis Amri lorry attack in Nice or recent terrorist attacks In France and Turkey where police are apparently armed on the streets.
  2. Police officers with arms all over the place makes people feel tense, I don’t get the feeling the environment is safe when I see arms all over the place, people feel welcome to approach police officers around, ask questions and trust them in the UK because they are not armed which s the reasoning of Britain traditional policing.
  1. Despite they are police officers, handling of firearms is not meant for everyone, not everyone can live with it, not every human is physically and psychologically adept to use a firearm, a definitive record from The Guardian’s The Count has revealed that at least 1092 people had been shot dead by the police in the United States in 2016.
  1. All police forces have well-trained firearms unit who are used when and where information says that are needed, open to all officer who wishes to undergo a severe selection procedure to join the firearms unit and only those who are successful on the Initial Firearms Course (IFC) join their respective firearms units.
  1. British police use guns only seven (7) times in a year. According to Dan Davies, ex-metropolitan police chief “In England and Wales, in the 12 months to March 2016, British police discharged their firearms on just seven occasions — the highest since 2009



does #London need the more #firearms specialist? 5 reasons why #metpolice do not need more firearms specialist



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